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Photo by The City of Edmonton

Photo by The City of Edmonton

Everything Edmontonian that starts with “e” :)

North Saskatchewan River valley park, Photo by The City of Edmonton

Photo by The City of Edmonton

Sure, Edmonton has everything going for her...home of the largest urban park in North America, following the valley and banks of the magnificent North Saskatchewan River. City of Festivals and City of Champions. Home of the legendary Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. The Night Life on Whyte Avenue. The Oil Capital. Capital of Alberta. The Alberta Legislature. The Muttart Conservatory. The Art Gallery of Alberta.

Edmonton is packed to the rafters with entrepreneurs. From Oil Barons to Television Pioneers; they have called Edmonton home; because it's a great place to live, to do business, and a great place to play.

Many are called

e4edmonton.com is for “e” in Edmonton, but everyone everywhere can enjoy. A million people call Edmonton home, give or take. We like it. Everybody is welcome, but sadly, Edmonton is not for everybody. e4edmonton is.

Art Gallery of Alberta Wikimedia Commons

Few are chosen

e4edmonton is the “e”. You can publish on e4edmonton only if you fall under “e” in Edmonton. Luckily, everything does.

e4edmonton isn’t for a to z, e4edmonton is for e.

e4edmonton.com starts on the letter “e”, for the energetic, electronic, entrepreneurial, and ecologically effective, and the extras; the things that make life worth living.

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